Fifty years ago, two came to look for America

On Saturday my mother-in-law, Lysle’s and Micah’s beloved Omi, told me that the photo to the right, the photo that watches over this blog and that shows my mother in front of the then-new Verrazano Bridge, was taken exactly 50 years ago. On July 25, 1964 Erika, who would become my mother 5 years later, […]


Yesterday a good friend took Micah and Lysle to the park. They were gone for a few hours and eventually stepped back into the long hallway of our apartment bringing a flurry of excitement. Lysle was gingerly carrying something in his hands. With a big smile he lifted the upper hand and revealed it to […]

Brother’s Day

A week ago Micah and I flew to London. The occasion was the premiere of a choral piece my brother had composed. It was commissioned to be about the four seasons, and my brother wrote it in the year after our mother’s death, which was also the second year of his son’s life. What better […]

An elevator moment

Elevators hold us still sometimes – in each others’ inescapable presence. So this late afternoon, as Lysle and I return from a trip to Manhattan to buy the boy some pants that cover the ankles again, those ankles permanently exposed to all sorts of weather in the high water pants that, in Lysle’s case, are […]

On the 2nd anniversary of her death –

– we cheered our heads off. Lysle only joined his running team after his Oma had died, so she never knew about it. Had she, she would have cheered her head off, too, yesterday. Daylight savings time made for an extra early departure, so all four of us were grumpy clambering into the cold car […]