Fifty years ago, two came to look for America

On Saturday my mother-in-law, Lysle’s and Micah’s beloved Omi, told me that the photo to the right, the photo that watches over this blog and that shows my mother in front of the then-new Verrazano Bridge, was taken exactly 50 years ago. On July 25, 1964 Erika, who would become my mother 5 years later, […]

Room without a roof

I, too, have fallen for everyone’s current favorite song. Since Pharrell’s performance at the Oscars last night I haven’t been listening to much else. “Happy…!” while folding three guys’ and one girl’s laundry, “Happy…!” while editing blog entries, “Happy…!” while getting letters for this week’s mailing ready, “Happy…!” while stamping a blue jay feather on […]