Mother Tongue

Just now, ten minutes ago, I encountered my mother who died two and a half years ago. It wasn’t a Halloween-inspired ghostly sighting (though the skeletons climbing out of everyone’s front yard soil this week do make me glad she was cremated). It was something I said that evoked her so completely. Something very trivial. […]

It’s the day we buried you …

… and on its second anniversary, here’s a poem the boys and I have read and love in Cynthia Rylant’s book God got a dog. God Went to India To see the elephants. God adores elephants. He thinks they are the best thing He ever made. They do everything He hoped for: They love their […]

The bliss of forgetting or Fuhgeddaboudit!

Today I woke up comforted and, at first, had only that good, safe, content feeling. I asked myself where it came from and remembered: Mama, who died 864 days ago (if I trust my math), visited my dreams. It was a good visit, a great one, in fact. She was laughing a big free laugh […]

The things we leave behind

Today I finally got the necklace back. It was sitting at the jewelry store in a drawer – fixed – but no one ever bothered to call and tell me. I remember Mama had the necklace re-threaded once before at this store when she was staying with us – for the birth of one boy […]

Going there – yes, I’m going there

Two years ago, this wasn’t a Saturday, but a Thursday. Around 5:30 p.m. on that Thursday I took my leave from Mama sleeping in her hospice bed. Thinking how pale she looked. How small. I whispered good-bye. Not see-you-soon. I walked through the dark city, stopping in a new-agey store where I bought a little […]