The bliss of forgetting or Fuhgeddaboudit!

Today I woke up comforted and, at first, had only that good, safe, content feeling. I asked myself where it came from and remembered: Mama, who died 864 days ago (if I trust my math), visited my dreams. It was a good visit, a great one, in fact. She was laughing a big free laugh […]

Nowhere to send a birthday card, so here’s a story

74 years ago, at 5 p.m., she heard the serious noise of labor rising in the upstairs bedroom of their small semi-detached house not far from Berlin. Her mother Hedwig was close to giving birth. A mid-wife tended to her. Her mother’s mother had traveled the 150 miles from Thuringia to help with household and […]


Two years ago tomorrow, I scanned revolving racks of cards at the train station shops. Very half-heartedly I was looking for a birthday card for Mama who was dying at the hospice. Mama’s 72nd birthday was a week away. One card ended my search. “A single day of life is worth more than a mountain […]