It’s the day we buried you …

… and on its second anniversary, here’s a poem the boys and I have read and love in Cynthia Rylant’s book God got a dog. God Went to India To see the elephants. God adores elephants. He thinks they are the best thing He ever made. They do everything He hoped for: They love their […]


Yesterday a good friend took Micah and Lysle to the park. They were gone for a few hours and eventually stepped back into the long hallway of our apartment bringing a flurry of excitement. Lysle was gingerly carrying something in his hands. With a big smile he lifted the upper hand and revealed it to […]

Words don’t fail me now!

What do you do — with a kangaroo? No, not with a kangaroo — though we’ve loved that story of accommodating trespassing beasts. My real question is: What do you do with your intense need to talk to someone who is no longer around? In the early days after Mama’s death I used to do […]

Brother’s Day

A week ago Micah and I flew to London. The occasion was the premiere of a choral piece my brother had composed. It was commissioned to be about the four seasons, and my brother wrote it in the year after our mother’s death, which was also the second year of his son’s life. What better […]

Rat Poop Sunday (not for rodent-o-phobes!)

That’s how Lysle summed up the day as I kissed him good-night. Please think of rats such as these as you read the following. “Yes,” I agreed with a sigh, “rat poop Sunday! Sorry we couldn’t do anything more fun.” Artie and I had spent much of the day clearing out our basement storage area […]

An elevator moment

Elevators hold us still sometimes – in each others’ inescapable presence. So this late afternoon, as Lysle and I return from a trip to Manhattan to buy the boy some pants that cover the ankles again, those ankles permanently exposed to all sorts of weather in the high water pants that, in Lysle’s case, are […]

Blue birds of happiness

We had to postpone the birthday cake for a day because Micah wasn’t well yesterday, on Oma’s actual birthday. But how well it worked out in the end since 1. today was pi-day (3.14 etc.)! 2. Tante Rosa brought the cherry cake the day after Oma’s birth! Blue birds and cake were thoroughly enjoyed, are […]