On examining deaths, stealing souls & creating ghosts

Today five years ago, Michael Jackson had made his transition from a living man to a dead man. He’d died. He’d passed. He’d finished his business on earth. He’d not finished seeing his children into adulthood. If he was aware of dying, I’m quite sure leaving them hurt him the most. Business was enough of […]

Counting Mississippis – a serious aside

As I sat, one recent evening, counting Mississippis while running my hands over my boys’ smooth backs, I thought further. About things our boys don’t know yet. A week ago Artie and I watched 12 Years a Slave. I’ve never seen a back torn apart as it was in that movie. In its pivotal scene […]

Room without a roof

I, too, have fallen for everyone’s current favorite song. Since Pharrell’s performance at the Oscars last night I haven’t been listening to much else. “Happy…!” while folding three guys’ and one girl’s laundry, “Happy…!” while editing blog entries, “Happy…!” while getting letters for this week’s mailing ready, “Happy…!” while stamping a blue jay feather on […]

Left out

January 20, 2014 Preface: Micah tends to be the clown. The type of clown who hides a lot of sadness behind his mischief. (Is there another type?) After a tricky play date today with a friend Lysle and Micah share, I ask them to sit down with me to talk. How could all their fighting […]