In the interval

This short interval between the days of Mama’s death (three days ago) and birth (tomorrow) reminds me how brief we all are.
How little time we have to do the things we want to do.

So since my foot no longer hurts, I put on my funny shoes and went outside. For years I hadn’t the slightest clue that running is something I want to do. So today I feared, after a good month of not running, my body would be that clueless again. It wasn’t. I ran and stopped to walk and ran again and the best part was that I didn’t beat myself up about the stops and starts. It’s apparently how I like to run, sometimes faster than I can maintain for long. At least right now.
Interval training by default.

Another thing I do is avoid the main road. I don’t like feeling like I’m traffic when I run. So I found that I can skirt the road all the way by taking strolling paths by the lake, bridle paths, and dirt paths through the woods. And thanks to my funny shoes I feel it all between my toes.

Man, what a way of running, in twists and turns and stops and starts. I guess that’s how I operate. And it was so – well – enjoyable. It left me time to enjoy. And to think.

Up on Lookout Hill I realized that I’m becoming less embarrassed by who I am. If that’s how I run that’s how I run. All my life I’ve been a bit screwy and top-heavy and ashamed of it. But really – I’m growing on myself.

When I’m ready to start another blog I may call it: View from the Screwtop.

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