Why 72 kinds of blue?

Over making that list I almost forgot what started this pursuit of blues.

I’ve gathered what I need to send my invitations to anerika to Mama’s friends.

Yesterday at the paper store in front of a tempting rainbow of envelope colors I brought Mama to mind and asked her right there, in my mind, which colors would be right.

Blues and white ended up at the register with me.


I want to include this photo of her.

That was us exactly 42 years ago. She dated it on the back, that’s why I know: “February 1972.”
She died 4 days shy of turning 72.

Today I changed my due date (still won’t call it a deadline) for the letters from March 9 to March 13, Mama’s birthday, the better occasion for remembering her. And four days more to get ready.

No idea why the photo is curling up. The fact that it is makes me think of the way I’ve lived much of my life. Sort of curled-up. It’s time to unfurl. Be open to the wind, even when it’s icy.

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