Counting Mississippis – a serious aside

As I sat, one recent evening, counting Mississippis while running my hands over my boys’ smooth backs, I thought further. About things our boys don’t know yet. A week ago Artie and I watched 12 Years a Slave. I’ve never seen a back torn apart as it was in that movie. In its pivotal scene […]

Counting Mississippis

I’ve always felt bad – stingy and petty – for introducing the one-minute back-rub to our boys’ bedtime. I used to just rub backs ad lib. But then – Micah must have been two and Lysle four – I started receiving complaints. Multiple complaints. Nightly. “More!” “Little longer!” “You rubbed Micah’s back more than mine! […]

Rat Poop Sunday (not for rodent-o-phobes!)

That’s how Lysle summed up the day as I kissed him good-night. Please think of rats such as these as you read the following. “Yes,” I agreed with a sigh, “rat poop Sunday! Sorry we couldn’t do anything more fun.” Artie and I had spent much of the day clearing out our basement storage area […]

An elevator moment

Elevators hold us still sometimes – in each others’ inescapable presence. So this late afternoon, as Lysle and I return from a trip to Manhattan to buy the boy some pants that cover the ankles again, those ankles permanently exposed to all sorts of weather in the high water pants that, in Lysle’s case, are […]