72 kinds of blue

1. sky-on-freezing-day blue
2. blue-jay blue
3. stationary blue
4. heavy-in-the-heart blue
5. cobalt blue
6. water blue
7. indigo
8. Mediterranean blue
9. Caribbean blue
10. cerulean
11. cyanosis blue
12. Bavaria blu
13. Lake Champlain blue
14. blue-eye blue
15. bruised-eye blue
16. blue-jeans blue
17. is-turquoise-a-kind-of-blue? blue
18. duck-feather blue
19. our-new-car blue
20. azure
21. powder blue
22. baby blue
23. blueberry blue
24. snow-shadow blue
25. glacier blue
26. blue whale blue
27. azulao blue
28. dark blue
29. peacock blue
30. mountains-in-the-distance blue
31. mouthwash blue
32. taubenblau (dove blue, or would that be pigeon blue?)
33. thunder-cloud blue
34. light blue
35. blue-light blue
36. black-light blue
37. transparent blue
38. solid blue
39. aqua
40. blue-tongued-skink blue
41. bluesy blue
42. aquamarine
43. night blue
44. midnight blue
45. horizon blue
46. Atlantic blue
47. earth-from-space blue
48. blue-marble blue
49. slate blue
50. lead blue
51. gray blue
52. red-white-and-blue blue
53. Union Jack blue
54. EU blue
55. bluefish blue
56. robin’s egg blue
57. iris blue
58. hydrangea blue
59. wisteria blue
60. forget-me-not blue
61. Santorini blue
62. Italian plum blue
63. lavender blue
64. cornflower blue
65. blue-in-the-face blue
66. smoke blue
67. ink blue
68. himmelblau (which is either sky blue or heaven blue, your choice)
69. blue-with-olive-green blue
70. Fiji blue
71. blue-streak blue
72. the kind of blue I feel remembering Mama’s final weeks two years ago

Sorry to be so long-winded, but this blue-finding exercise helped me feel a little less of that 72nd kind of blue.
Maybe that is because a bunch of these blues evoke my mother.
She often bought and ate a cheese called Bavaria blu.
She painted many doors and a whole staircase in our childhood house dove blue.
One of her final trips was to Santorini, that island of blue and white houses.
She buried copper coins in the earth around her hydrangea bushes to persuade them to bloom blue.
She always called her eye color blue-gray. But it might have been gray-blue.

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