Day Four of the Address Book Exploits: Taste

I’m sitting here, wondering if I’ll really do this, and for the sake of what – completeness? scientific inquiry? curiosity? – will I lick my mother’s address book?

“You want a taste?” I ask Micah who looks at me like I’m crazy. Poor guy is home with a fever again and can barely get down a bowl of applesauce.

He’s right though with that look he gives me. There is no point to this. The taste of address book doesn’t matter. It would not evoke anything important.

So instead of contemplating something unimportant here, I’ll just stay on topic by reading my boy this book about a boy who eventually learns to devour books with his eyes only.


And we’ll lick a lollipop in honor of the family sweet-tooth, passed down by Oma.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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