72 kinds of blue

1. sky-on-freezing-day blue 2. blue-jay blue 3. stationary blue 4. heavy-in-the-heart blue 5. cobalt blue 6. water blue 7. indigo 8. Mediterranean blue 9. Caribbean blue 10. cerulean 11. cyanosis blue 12. Bavaria blu 13. Lake Champlain blue 14. blue-eye blue 15. bruised-eye blue 16. blue-jeans blue 17. is-turquoise-a-kind-of-blue? blue 18. duck-feather blue 19. our-new-car […]

Boys at bedtime

Micah probably was not a year old when it (or rather he) started: the sillification of that most delicate time of day. Like a wonky wind-up toy, Micah will crank himself all the way up when, in his weary parents’ opinion, it’s really wind-down time. I know he’s not unique that way. Shelves of books […]