A find from my brain

January 6, 2014

In bed, ready to sleep, I came upon this:

Mama, when she was in elementary school, let other kids pay her for eating wormy apples, worms included.

I think she told me this to make me feel better about accidentally having ingested some tiny wildlife or other.

As in: Oh, don’t worry. I did that for a sport.

I think she also told me this proudly.

Implying: I was no wimp. I didn’t mind eating worms, or making kids shudder, for a nice little windfall.

Mama never was squeamish about raw meat – uncooked bacon and beef tartare becoming favorites once the apple-worm-phase had passed.

If there’s one thing I always knew and never doubted, it’s that Mama was no wimp. She was the diametric opposite of wimp.

Wonder what she did with the pennies she earned for her bravado?

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