Beware of beautiful boys!

January 17, 2014 A recent dinner conversation turned to secret weapons. Lysle’s long lashes (which annoy him because they a) hit against sunglass lenses b) belong on a girl c) are not included in a hair cut) became his deadly micro-whips. With the bat of an eye – swoosh! – his extendible lashes would slash […]


January 13, 2014 The very moment Lysle and I passed Aura’s house – and we certainly did not linger or even slow since that would have been creepy of us – Lark stood not at the window, but a few feet away from it, yet exactly centered in its frame. Just her silhouette, her signature […]


January 11, 2014 I got it slightly wrong. Micah didn’t want to lose his precious pictures. I promised to tell his teachers we want them back. I was speaking for myself then in the last post. Starting this blog also has a touch of the séance, an invocation of her spirit, and brings that fresh […]


January 8, 2014 In my dreams this morning I heard a shout of joy. “Oma!” the boys yelled because there she was, though they’d thought her dead all this time. A shout I’ll never again hear for real. But it reminds me that I’m also creating anerika for Lysle and Micah. I want to gather […]

A find from my brain

January 6, 2014 In bed, ready to sleep, I came upon this: Mama, when she was in elementary school, let other kids pay her for eating wormy apples, worms included. I think she told me this to make me feel better about accidentally having ingested some tiny wildlife or other. As in: Oh, don’t worry. […]